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Our Bibliography is presented in the following four sections.  Click each button for full details.

Note: The Bibliography is an archive of resources, many of which are historical in nature.  As such, some documents may contain out-of-date information and/or may have rudimentary formatting.


Over the years, FOOPs has conducted numerous flora and fauna surveys across the Organ Pipes National Park.  Click the Surveys button for full details.

for teachers & students

There is much to learn about the Organ Pipes National Park.  A range of resources are provided here to support teachers and students as they undertake school projects or visit the site.

useful links

We collaborate with like-minded community groups and utilise a variety of sources to inform our work at the Organ Pipes National Park. Some of our most useful resources are as below. 

iNaturalist Project FOOPs This project brings together all observations from the Organ Pipes National Park

Jacksons Creek Rainfall & River Level Sunbury measurement is the closest

Google Maps Organ Pipes National Park

Rainfall & Weather Melbourne Airport measurement is the closest

Organ Pipes National Park - Parks Victoria

FOOPs on ParkConnect for more information about joining FOOPs

Friends of The Maribyrnong Valley Friends group concerned with issues across municipal boundaries along the Maribyrnong River

Victorian Environment Friends Network The umbrella group for environment friends groups across Victoria

Victorian National Parks Association Prime lobby group for the protection of Victoria's National Parks

Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association

Brimbank City Council Natural Heritage Strategy

Brimbank City Council Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Strategy Contains information regarding Aboriginal cultural heritage in the area including Organ Pipes National Park

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