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Bat Box Nights

The Organ Pipes National Park is one of three sites of the Melbourne Bat Box monitoring program. The program is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and researchers, and aims to conserve native populations of hollow-dependent microbats.


In 1992, the first 10 bat boxes were installed at various locations around the Organ Pipes National Park, with the intention of providing habitat to dwindling bat populations. Over two years later, bats had begun to inhabit the boxes. Volunteers started monitoring and banding the bats, and have kept extensive records on the bat populations since then. There are now over 30 bat boxes at the Park, and numerous microbat species have been identified during banding and microchipping sessions. Some of the species inhabiting the boxes include:

  • Gould’s wattled bat (Chalinolobus gouldii)

  • White-striped free-tailed bat (Austronomus australis)

  • Large forest bat (Vespadelus darlingtoni)

  • Little forest bat (Vespadelus vulturnus)

  • Eastern broad-nosed bat (Scotorepens orion)


The program has since become a model for other monitoring programs around the globe. Visit the program’s dedicated website for more information.


At present, the Bat Box monitoring program at the Park is on hold. Please email if you’d like further information.

bat box monitoring

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