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Red Parrot

Some of the easiest birds to see in the park are the birds of prey. Little eagles, recognisable by the light “W” pattern under the wings, are often seen soaring above the creek valley, and black-shouldered kites nest in trees on the valley wall.


Bush birds can be readily seen in the picnic grounds. Superb blue wrens feed on small insects and seeds, the males (pictured) striking in their blue breeding plumage. Males generally moult into “eclipse” plumage that resembles female plumage after breeding, but older males may remain blue all year. The birds live in small groups of up to eight birds, breeding cooperatively: the offspring from the previous year stay with their family, helping to raise the new brood. Wrens are quite brave and will come close to you if you stay still.


Do a bird survey of the park. See how many different types of birds you can spot. The quieter you are, the better!


Watch this video to learn about bunjil (wedge tailed eagle): Bunjil's Story - Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Superb Blue Wren


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