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reptile & amphibian species

Reptiles are animals with leathery, scaly skin that lay eggs and need to bask in the sun to raise their body temperature. There are many reptiles in the park. Most are harmless lizards or turtles, but there are also snakes that can be quite dangerous. If you see a snake at the park, walk away slowly and keep out of any long grass.


Amphibians are animals like frogs that live both in and out of the water. They need water to breed, and for their tadpoles to swim before they develop lungs and can leave the water. Amphibians are considered an indicator of an ecosystem’s health because they are very sensitive to water pollution. If there are lots of amphibians, it means an ecosystem is healthy.


Bearded Dragon

Eastern Long-necked Turtle

Striped Skink

Cunningham's Skink

Common Water Skink

Grass Skink

Three-lined Skink

Bouganville's Skink

Eastern Tiger Snake

Red-bellied Black Snake

Eastern Brown Snake 

Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard

Stumpytail Lizard 

Amphibolurus barbatus

Chelodina longicollis

Ctenotus robustus

Egernia cunninghami

Eulamprus tympanum

Lampropholis guichenoti

Leiolopisma trilineata

Lerista bouganvilli

Notechis scutatus

Pseudechis porphyriacus

Pseudonaja textilis

Tiliqua scincoides

Trachydosaurus rugosus


Growling Grass Frog

Common Froglet  

Litoria raniformis

Ranidella signifera

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